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Experiencing LUTHER & the Reformation at its Origins

Alte Stadtsilhouette

„Wittenberg, the glorious city of God...

...seat and fortress of the true catholic doctrine” reads the inscription of a 1558 woodcut from the famous work shop of LUKAS CRANACH in Wittenberg. It reflects some of the self awareness of the people of Wittenberg, who experienced the Reformation as both observers and participants.

The commitment of GLAUBE & REISE and its programs is to get to know the men and women who associated with Martin Luther and to get in touch with the spiritual dynamics of the Reformation movement, which so deeply renewed the church and society. Pastor Anika Scheinemann-Kohler will lead and inspire you and your group at the original sites of the Reformation in Wittenberg, “the capital of the Electorate of Saxony, the brightest of Europe’s Universities, and by far the holiest place of the last millennium“.

Whether you request presentations, lectures or seminars, guided tours through the town of Wittenberg, its churches, and museums, or worship services for your trip – the programs will always be planned individually for your group and will be carried out with accurate theological and historical knowledge.

Just send an e-mail to
GlaubeUndReise@web.de and let us plan your next trip to Wittenberg!

The Top Ten Best Programs:

* A day in Wittenberg for confirmation classes, children and youth

“Castle Church at Night” – A unique discovery journey next to the thesis door and the tomb of Martin Luther

* Presentation: “Runaway Nuns, Subversive Princesses & Other Women of the Reformation”

* Discovery journey in the Town Church where Luther preached, - the 1st protestant church in the world

* Guided tours in Wittenberg - the town, churches and museums - by the pilgrims pastor

* Paul Gerhardt – the way of life of this famous Lutheran hymn writer. Presentations & guided tours in his nearby hometown of Gräfenhainichen and his study place in Wittenberg

“Luther-City-Rallye” – a do-it-yourself discovery tour of Wittenberg

* “Sounds of silence” – Introduction to the Gregorian chant of psalms etc.

* Worship services, prayers, journey blessings

* Training of church guides

All of these are available in German and English!